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When selecting, installing or repairing sliding doors for your home or office, you want a professional. Doors Only are Australia’s leading door supplier and repair company. Sliding glass doors make a personal statement to a home as they are a gateway to cherished parts of a property like the back patio that is a gathering spot for friends and family. The right doors for the structural elegance of your home or office are important, just as the proper repairs and safety and security. At Doors Only, our priority is to fit and repair your doors so that they are a gateway that is a solid and secure investment, adding value to your home or office.

We repair and replace tracks, wheels, and locks. At Doors Only, you have the proper service for your Sliding Glass Doors, whatever type of glass sliding door is installed in your property. Doors Only is a trusted name for Door Supplies, Installations and Repairs in Australia. With years of experience in the industry, we have the innovative solutions you want in sliding glass doors to fit your property only in a way that adds safety and value.

  • Sliding glass door selections
  • Repair and replace tracks
  • Wheels and locks
  • Service calls
  • Wheels
  • Guides
  • Lock adjustments
  • Labour
  • Glass replacement
  • Door reversing
  • Fitting of flywire
  • Security locks

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We offer a complete range of beautiful sliding glass doors for your property.

At Doors Only, you have the selection you need when choosing sliding glass doors. We offer a variety of frame material including fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminium as well as different colours and paintable frames. Our sliding glass doors are low maintenance and high quality and are available in custom sizes for those hard to fit gateways. With a team of installers, you have both the quality selection and installation that adds value and function to your home.

Fiberglass Sliding Glass Doors

For properties that are in environments with harsher weather, fiberglass sliding glass doors are a good choice in a door as they are built for harsher weather environments. Fiberglass does not crack, peel, warp, split, pit or corrode, making it ideal for a number of weather conditions. Doors Only Australia has the selection in Fiber Glass Sliding Glass Doors that will enhance the beauty of your property.

Wood Sliding Glass Doors

Wood sliding glass doors offer a beautiful appeal and value to any property. Wood sliding glass doors are the durability of a fiberglass frame but add the warmth of elegance to property. Wood sliding glass doors are available in a variety of colors and finishes and are custom fit to the measurements of the gateway.

Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors

Vinyl sliding glass doors are a popular choice in a slider and offer a balance of strength, durability, security and beauty. Vinyl doors are often used in the back of properties and provide property owners with years of enjoyment.

Sliding Glass Door Options

Sliders offer homeowners a variety of options. Styles include French Rail styles and multiple grid options as well as a variety of coordinating colours. Upgrades include heavy duty screen doors, retractable screen, and blinds between the glass. Finishes and handle styles also vary, offering property owners many choices for an elegant look in a door for their property.

Doors Only provide property owners with Sliding Glass Doors that increase security and performance. Whether a new installation or repairs for your existing doors, Doors Only provides the styles in sliding glass doors and repairs that you require.

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Customer Reviews
    Joshua Paech

    Gary responded to my enquiry promptly and arrived on time. He was friendly and polite, and even explained to me how I could easily fix my own door to save me money. He even followed up with a phone call later to ensure it had all gone well. Excellent customer service.

    Shan Louis

    We wanted to do some regular maintenance works for the doors in our complex, and a friend recommended ‘Doors Only’. Have to say they were quite good, and we are completely satisfied with the result!

    Sajan Joseph

    We were looking for a professional door repairing service in Sydney, and then came across ‘Doors Only’. They did the maintenance work pretty fast, and the faulty lock mechanism became as good as new!

    Christina Yang

    We wanted to install an additional door to the garage, and contacted the ‘Doors Only’ service. They installed the new one with professional fastness and efficiency. Moreover, the total cost was very less than expected!