Modern Doors and Frames

Doors are an essential part of the home or office that brings comfort and security. The entrance to your home is fitted with a door, just as doors are used as gateways between rooms. Doors come in many different shapes and sizes and with many different characteristics. Doors Only are your supplier of modern doors and frames to fit the home or office.

Some modern doors and frames have characteristics like thermal insulation properties, while other doors tend to be more secure., and still, others have a combination of qualities that make them top of the line door selections for premises. Furthermore, a door is the cornerstone of a room’s and a home’s design. Thus you should be confident that the material you’ve chosen either fits your overall house’s design or can be altered and gives you further design options. Doors Only consults with property owners to ensure they have their best options in modern doors and frames, such as the three primary types of doors and frames for a property.

UPVC Modern Doors and Frames

If you are looking for a highly affordable solution that is also quite sustainable and has thermal insulation properties you should look no further than UPVC. An extremely durable solution, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is a rigid PVC that can make all the difference in making your home more energy efficient. Furthermore, the material is one of the most cost effective and adaptable solutions that is also extremely environmentally friendly. While some don’t regard UPVC as a great design option, the truth is that UPVC gives you a huge range of possibilities both in color and in design style, making it the perfect and most affordable material for modern doors and frames.

Steel Modern Doors and Frames

If security is your top priority, and especially if you are looking for a great front-door option, steel may be the perfect solution for you. One of the hardest metals today, steel is an extremely rigid material that also provides you with extreme durability and safety. While steel is not known for its energy efficiency or its thermal insulation properties, it is nonetheless one of the most widely used Modern Doors and Frames materials in both commercial and residential construction. Furthermore, development of steel door solutions throughout the years has made the material the number one choice when it comes to design. While it is a bit more pricey than other options, steel can bring all the difference in the security of a home.

Oak Doors and Frames

While there are other types of wood, oak is the most widely used wood-based material when it comes to modern doors and frames. Quite an expensive option, oak is an extremely durable material that also provides your home with energy efficiency, because of the material’s decent thermal insulation properties. Furthermore, oak doors and frames are considered to be a top choice when it comes to home design.

Whichever of the three popular material choices for Modern Doors and Frames you choose, make sure that you are aware of the properties given by the manufacturing company. In today’s industry, companies are finding new solutions that give additional support and energy efficiency to a door, regardless of its material. Some companies even add additional internal layers into a door to make them fire-proof and more resistant. Furthermore, companies can provide you with new and exciting design options that will turn your home from a contemporary to a truly innovative and futuristic style. At the end of the day there are dozens upon dozens of different options on the market and depending on what you are searching for, you are going to find just the right modern doors and frames that fit your requirements.

Your choice in a door will depend largely on the establishment it is dressing. Doors Only consults with property owners to provide them with their best door options in styles and characteristics to ensure they have a safe, efficient solution.

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    Gary responded to my enquiry promptly and arrived on time. He was friendly and polite, and even explained to me how I could easily fix my own door to save me money. He even followed up with a phone call later to ensure it had all gone well. Excellent customer service.

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    We wanted to do some regular maintenance works for the doors in our complex, and a friend recommended ‘Doors Only’. Have to say they were quite good, and we are completely satisfied with the result!

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    We were looking for a professional door repairing service in Sydney, and then came across ‘Doors Only’. They did the maintenance work pretty fast, and the faulty lock mechanism became as good as new!

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