Door Maintenance

Doors Only provides door maintenance. Door maintenance should be completed by a trained professional. Property owners that take on the project of repairing and maintaining the doors in their property themselves are taking a risk. The proper knowledge, equipment and experience are required when repairing and maintaining doors. Otherwise, severe injury or death could result from improper maintenance techniques. Please contact Doors Only for door maintenance services.

The importance of Door Maintenance

 Proper functioning doors are important as safety is always an issue when a door is involved. Doors Only support team provides property owners with scheduled, annual door maintenance. Our technicians’ install, inspect, repair and provide the proper maintenance for all types of residential and commercial doors. Our service plans are affordable, and most importantly, they leave property owners with the peace of mind that the doors on their property are in safe working condition.
  • Exterior Doors
  • Entry Doors
  • Interior Door
  •  Glass Doors
  • Roller Doors
  • Aluminium Doors
  • Panoramic Doors
  • Exit Doors
  • And, All Other Types of Doors
Always contact a professional for your annual door maintenance. Doors Only provide professional door maintenance services.

Door Safety Check Tips

Aside from following the safety checks in your owner’s manual, the following safety tips should be made each day, as well as after any loss of electrical power. These are minimum security checks to perform between your annual door maintenance.
Does the door open before you reach the door’s threshold? Walk at a normal pace. It is important that the door opens prior to reaching the threshold.
Does the door remain open? Stand in the threshold for no less than 10 seconds. The door should not close during this time.
Is the threshold damaged? There should be no loose parts or damaged areas of the threshold. Loose parts and damage can result in house guests tripping or falling, causing injury. The traffic path should be kept clear.
Does the door close smoothly? Open the door, and move from the door area. The door should stay open for no less than 1.5 seconds and then begin a steady, slow close.
Are all components in good condition? Any glass, finger guards, guide rails and safety decals need to be in good shape.
Repeat the above steps for the other side of the door if the door is used for entering and exiting.


If your doors fail any of the security checks, call a certified door service repair company. Doors Only is a certified door repair company.
Your Doors Only Door technician will inspect your doors annually upon request, making any repairs and adjustments to ensure that the doors to your property are in safe working condition.
Customer Reviews
    Joshua Paech

    Gary responded to my enquiry promptly and arrived on time. He was friendly and polite, and even explained to me how I could easily fix my own door to save me money. He even followed up with a phone call later to ensure it had all gone well. Excellent customer service.

    Shan Louis

    We wanted to do some regular maintenance works for the doors in our complex, and a friend recommended ‘Doors Only’. Have to say they were quite good, and we are completely satisfied with the result!

    Sajan Joseph

    We were looking for a professional door repairing service in Sydney, and then came across ‘Doors Only’. They did the maintenance work pretty fast, and the faulty lock mechanism became as good as new!

    Christina Yang

    We wanted to install an additional door to the garage, and contacted the ‘Doors Only’ service. They installed the new one with professional fastness and efficiency. Moreover, the total cost was very less than expected!