Pivot Doors

For centuries the design of our doors hasn’t changed much. By looking at any home, you can see a simple rectangle that serves as a gateway into the home. However, there is an up and coming trend in door design that may very well change that. Always one of a kind, pivot doors are changing houses and buildings worldwide, making them look more modern and even futuristic. However, pivot doors are a fantastic option not only because of their uniqueness in design but because they allow property owners to have a very broad front door and an extremely contemporary looking mechanism. Doors Only specialises in pivot doors for the home and office.

The Inner Workings of Pivot Doors

One of the best benefits of a pivot door, excluding the design, is the door’s extreme sense of safety, as well as energy efficiency and durability. Pivot doors are usually made from solid wood with a highly durable inner core that is made of reinforced steel. This design provides with high insulation. Furthermore, they can reach extreme sizes in both height and width, making them a perfect choice for both commercial and residential use. Depending on the company of your choice, you would be able to adjust a pivot door to almost any dimensions. Pivot doors are a grand entrance to a home that everyone deserves. With their smooth opening and closing mechanism, they are also an excellent choice for automatic home systems when it comes to closing and opening.

Custom Design

Another great feature that separates pivot doors from other door designs is that the doors can be extremely custom designs, providing a unique look in a door. From having an all-glass pivot door, to a pivot door that’s half wood, half glass or even a beautiful woodwork pivot door, people can let their imaginations run wild and create the perfect door that will fit the style of their homes. What’s more, pivot doors can be extremely customised when it comes to size. Thus people are no longer required to leave exact space requirements for a door when designing their home. They are free to leave as little or as much of space needed, to install their doors because of the different pre-hung and carved pivot door designs that don’t require hinges to function properly as a door.

Difficulty of Installation

One of the main reasons most people don’t consider purchasing a pivot door for their home is the idea of their difficulty of installation. Doors Only assures our customers that their doors will be properly installed. Our door installers are experienced and up to date on the most modern trends in installations, ensuring only the very best installations. With our experience, your pivot door installation is efficient and affordable, providing you with the peace of mind that you made the right decision.

Those who are looking for an extremely modern door choice that will separate their home from the rest should think of installing a pivot door. With Doors Only, you have the right expert by your side to ensure you have the door of your dreams.

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