Timber Doors

Timber doors are a beautiful choice in a door for the home or office. Doors Only provide property owners with a selection of quality timber doors and repairs.

  • Colonial doors
  • Regal doors
  • ½ French doors
  • French doors
  • Modern doors
  • Traditional doors
  • Mediterranean doors
  • Triple glazed doors
  • Venetian doors
  • Windsor doors
  • Side light / Bi-fold doors

We offer a variety of selections in woods, including oak, hardwood, pine, Shaker, and veneer.

Why Timber Doors?

Timber doors are quality doors that add elegance to any property. Timber doors are doors that can make a grand statement or be quite subtle in a property. The doors are a popular choice for an entrance door and doors that are durable, long lasting and do not require much maintenance.

Wood doors are also not affected by temperature, making them a great energy saver. In warm climates, the timber doors are preferred as they are not prone to condensation.

Wooden doors create an entrance to a home that is spectacular. Property owners can make an impressive statement with Solid Timber Doors or timber and Glass Doors and beautiful hardware. Wood can also be finished or painted, so property owners have their exact style in a door.

Another wonderful feature of Timber Doors is that they are low maintenance. There is no daily maintenance, and when the door becomes dull over time, a coat of fresh varnish is usually all it takes to restore its beauty. Timber doors provide many years of beauty and function as well as security to a home. The doors are solid, adding a great deal of security, and are durable, often lasting as long as the structure they fit and are beautiful.

The downside of timber doors is that they are a more expensive choice in a door. Also, property owners must treat wood doors as they can be susceptible to termites. However, this is not a difficult task. Wood can also warp as time goes on, so it is essential that the door is well sealed and that property owners check for damage and have regular maintenance scheduled by a pro like Doors Only.

Doors Only Supplies, Fits and Repairs Timber Doors, offering property owners a large selection of choices in woods and hardware. For more information on doors for your home or office, or to schedule repairs or maintenance, please contact us at the number below.

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