BiFold Doors

Bifold doors are doors that provide property owners with a number of benefits and add value to property. Doors Only, Australia’s number 1 door company, supplies, fits and repairs bifold doors.

Bifold doors are a popular selection in a door for many reasons: 

Versatility– Bifold doors can open or shut to any degree. This allows property owners to open the door a crack to let the dog in, sunshine or entering or leaving the home or room.

Space savers– Bifold doors allow you more wall space in the home as they are less bulky than other styles in doors.

Bifold doors can be used as the main door in a home and a good selection of a door when the gateway does not offer much space such as a narrow passage.

Bifold doors are great bedroom, bathroom and kitchen doors and the most popular choice on an interior door in a home. The doors can also be used for large cupboards and windows.

Budget Friendly Bifold Doors

Doors Only offers budget friendly bifold doors that add beauty to the home. With a variety of sizes, weight and materials, finishes, and colours as well as upgrades and option, you have a door that adds to the beauty of your home and one that functions smoothly. We custom fit doors to the size of your gateway and ensure the best selection of quality of hardware.

Bifold doors offer a locking system that can be high security, while some have face fixed or flag hinges that can pose a security issue. One of the most popular choices in a threshold for an internal bifold door is a flush threshold; however property owners will have various options.

Bifold doors are also hung from the top or the bottom. When hung from the top offer greater strength and stability.

For a complete selection of bifold doors, or for door repairs, contact Doors Only at the number below.